About Me

We live in an era of information, where images travel faster and raise emotions more efficiently than words can. A well known idiom says “a picture is worth a thousand words”, therefore I believe a great picture might be worth an entire book.

Photographer / Retoucher

Marus Nazzarov

Why Fantographie? Because of the darkness, the unknown and altogether awe and wonder, the intense feelings of dread and the unnatural. At the opposite sides of the grey area there’s a dark side and a bright side to everything. Fantographie explores them and exposes them out of context for the viewer to put the pieces together.

► I’m a 27 yr/old guy from Bucharest. Self-learned photography out of passion through articles, tutorials and practice. Studied psychology, a little graphic design and have been toying with Photoshop for some years as well. I like to create and reshape reality with the help of images. I enjoy expressing myself in my unique ways, with no constrains or borders attached.

 I have taken the road of freelancing for 3 years.

Won exposure (Berlin-ArtParasites; The Imaginarium) and international photography competitions (The Night – Viewbug) as well as internal competitions on first 3 places such as Fine Art @Labyrinth and Street Photography/ Product Photography/ Beauty Photography Workshops @VSLO 2016 & 2017.

Sometimes I spend too much time retouching. 🙂

I like to explore,  meet new people, take pleasure in “discovering” new places and having uncommon experiences and mix them with various arts.


Just for the sake of these pretty bars. You all know they’re all 110%.