About Me

We live in an era of information, where images travel faster and raise emotions more efficiently than words can. A well known idiom says “a picture is worth a thousand words”, therefore I believe a great picture might be worth an entire book.

Photographer / Retoucher

Marus Nazzarov

Why Fantographie? Because of the darkness, the unknown, the intense feelings of fear and the goosebumps. Like a great man once said: There’s a dark side to everything. Fantographie explores it and exposes it out of context for the viewer to put the pieces together.

► I’m a 27 years old dude from Bucharest. Self-learned photography (or at least I like to believe that) with the help of internet tutorials and a lot of trial and error. Studied graphic design and been toying with Photoshop for some years as well. I like to create and to change the reality with the help of images. I express myself in my unique way and aim to continue doing this until there’s nothing left to reach.

► Sometimes I spend a day retouching a photograph in order to reach what I initially imagined.
► I have taken the road of freelancing for 2 years.

► Won exposure (Berlin-ArtParasites; The Imaginarium) and international photography competitions (Viewbug) as well as internal c0mpetitions on first 3 places such as Fine Art @Labyrinth and Street Photography @VSLO.

► I like to explore,  meet new people and see new places.

► I can make a passion out of life as well in the right conditions.


8 years in the making. Tons of practice.