About Me

Short Story

► We live in an era of information, where images travel faster and raise emotions more efficiently than words can. A well known idiom says “a picture is worth a thousand words” therefore I believe a great picture might be worth an entire book.
I also believe quality content is what one must strive for in every field in order for their business to communicate efficiently with their target audience. Nothing says “buy me” better than a high quality edited image as the base foundation of a strong marketing campaign.

►►About me:
► I’m a photographer, image retoucher and graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania where I own the photography studio called Fantographie Studio.
► At Fantographie Studio I do my best to keep my clients satisfied and provide the best quality retouched images.

► I have been introduced to graphic design 8 years ago when I attended a certified course in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw (even though i have been “playing” with Photoshop 2-3 years before that) at a creative training company.
► I am self-learning photography since 6 years ago, time in which I took different projects consisting of: Architecture photography, shooting fashion/beauty with models, street photography, fine art and conceptual shootings, pets photography, events and product/commercial and food photography.
► In this time, while studying photography I have perfected my retouching skills, using professional techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One Pro specializing on skin retouching for beauty and fashion images as well as product images of online shops and restaurants from Romania.

I want my clients completely satisfied with the work I do as I strive towards quality.
Write me and let’s work together!